Privacy Policy

Cash Loans in 1 Hour never shares borrowers' information with a third party. Your information is totally safe with us. We use your information to identify a lender for you and negotiate a deal.

Nowhere else, you data are used. There are lenders in the market who sell borrowers' data to make extra profits. But, we value you a lot. We will never share your information for our personal benefit.

We thrive on the basis of customer service. We will never indulge in an act which impacts our customers' well being.We know that you are apprehensive your personal information.

We understand your concern. That's why we take maximum effort to protect your data. We are equally concerned about it.

We use latest software including Internet security. Out IT people continuously maintain our web site. All the software is updated at regular intervals. We live nothing to chance. Even the best of hackers will find hacking our site a tough task.

There is only one case where we might be forced to share your information. And, that is the case of legal issues. If a legal issue arises and we are asked to share the data, we have to comply.

You know in such cases, we can't do anything. If we deny, we will only be prosecuted. Even that we do with authorized legal professionals only.

When you apply for payday loans and same day loans no credit checks, you have to register your account first. Separate account helps to keep your data in a folder.

If the site is hacked unfortunately, the hacker won't be able to access all data easily. Moreover, if you apply for loan again, you will get even faster service because of your approved data.

You also need to play a role in data protection. When you create your account, keep you log in information confidential.

Sharing of log in information will expose your data to the world and, may cause you harm. When you come to our site, you can also disable cookies. It further helps in data protection.

What else you think that we should have done to protect your data. If you have better ideas to maintain privacy, do share with us. We will surely incorporate them, if we find them good ones.

And, finally, we ask for your data, if you apply for loan. If you only visit our site, we don't prompt you to share your information.

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